Saturday, November 21, 2009

This is your's, please..

My mom's mobile phone rings. My mom is busy in the kitchen and hence my dad wants to pick up the call. Jillu runs to the phone and picks it up.
Dad : Jillu, give it to me.
Jillu does not listen, she runs away from my dad and proceeds to the kitchen."Paati, chone, indaa chone." (Grandmom, phone, take it)

My Dad : Jillu, come here, give it to me. Jillu, Jillu,

Jillu : (completely ignoring him and running to my mom) Paati, indaa and gives it to my Mom


The other day, my uncle had come to visit us and he had brought a pack of biscuits for Jillu. When he came in, he handed over the same to Jillu. He stayed for a short while and when he was about to leave, she came running forward with the cover holding the pack of biscuits and gave it to him "Indhaa, vechiko". (Here, you have it). He tried giving it back to her saying that he had got it for her. Every time he tried explaining, she repeatedly thrust the cover back to him. It was so endearing to watch her like this and both of us were laughing. Finally we convinced her and he did leave, minus the biscuit packets.

This morning, absentmindedly,  I had taken our toothpaste and was about to squeeze it on Jillu's toothbrush. I wasn't watching what I was doing. Immediately Jillu said "Adhu Appa paste. Naanaam" (That's dad's tooth paste. Not for me). And I looked down to see that she was right. Thank god she stopped me. Otherwise, if she had tasted our regular toothpaste, then she wouldn't have let go :). As it is, she relishes her very bland tooth paste and once she swallows her tooth paste, she proudly exclaims "yellaathaiyum chaatutten" (I have eaten all)


 I have seen this in many instances.  She perfectly maps and has a clear understanding of which is what and whose, which is really amazing


  1. wow so cute.. chotu still does it.. my phone is mine alone, his appa cant use it unless a proper explanation is given and vice versa..
    its such a happy feeling seeing them this way.. way to go Jillu..

  2. @AJCL : kids are so alike, rt? Everything is black and white and straight forward :)

  3. i liked the second story very much.. coz very few children think of giving the empty biscuit wrappers to the guy who brought them thinking it belongs to them.. clever..
    toothpaste saapadrala.. enna bland??

  4. @Vishnu : She did not give the empty biscuit wrappers, she gave the whole pack unopened to him. she thought it belonged to him and hence he had to take it with him when he left. Tooth paste bland is "pigeon"


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