Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Start of comparison

Jillu has this kind of whistle, only its orange in color.

She was playing with it for a while, whistling on and off and also playing with the rope. And then, she put on the rope over her neck (like a garland!) with the whistle hanging down near her midriff and she said, to  all our astonishment
"Kalyaanam maadhiri" (Like a wedding!)

We were all gaping at her! She has started comparing things already ??? and wedding ???


  1. ah.. touch pannita jillu.. ippavae kalyanama.. paavam andha payan.. konjam time koduka sollunga..

  2. Oh wow! Totally unexpected na! Kids learn too fast :)

  3. @Vishnu :Give Jillu a break yaar, she is not even 2 yet :)
    @soin : too many abishegams and kalyaana utsavams in all bakthi and ttd channels that my mom watches
    @swaram : yeah. too, too fast for my liking :(

  4. hahah.. u go Jillu.. Lavanya: brace urself.. here comes a smart kid.. but really they grow up too fast for our liking..


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