Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well Prepared already!

Q : Jillu, un birthday anniku yenna pannanum? (What do we do on your birthday?)
A : Thopi potukanum (Have to wear a cap!)

Q : Vera Yenna pannanum? (What else?)
A : Choto yedukanum (Take photos!)

Q : mm..innum vera yenna pannanum? (What else?)
A : Cake cut pannanum (Have to cut the cake)

After effects of attending a couple of birthday parties. All these out of her own observation and assimilation with absolutely no coaching from us.


  1. i loooooooooove the way she says choto for photos..and she is a well informed kid.. soon to turn 2 huh?
    (sent u an email..check panungo)

  2. @AJCL : Yeah, she still cannot pronounce "f" :)
    choto, chish, chone, thats how it goes. Have replied to your email.Thanks :)

  3. nybagam paduteenga.. nan innum jillu choto vae parkala.. mudhall adha upload pannunga..


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