Tuesday, November 24, 2009


There are several things in queue to be posted here, but they have to wait because of what happened tonight. What Jillu did tonight when I was putting her to bed now takes precedence over everything else that are still in the drafts :)

The bed time routine went on as usual and once we were in bed, we started singing songs (read that as I started singing and Jillu demanding song after song), after a short prayer. This is nothing unusual. After the usual plethora of Carnatic, lullaby and rhymes, there was the usual lull and she was only half awake. And then, after a while of silence, she said "Amma....". I kept quiet. I knew this was not the time to talk. If  I remain quiet and unresponsive, she would drift away into sleep.
Still silence
"Amma...chubby cheeks paadu" (Mom, Sing Chubby Cheeks)

I maintained the silence and then she did this..

Any guesses?

It was something totally unexpected and amazing that I could not believe it in the first place.

She very very very quietly hushed, as though whispering a very dark secret in the most secretive tone (the tone we use so as not to disturb a sleeping child), "pesa koodaadhu..shhh..." which was barely audible to me. Needless to say, more than the words, the manner and the tone stunned me.

P.S : I wish I could have recorded it, to go with this post :(


  1. Ha ha I cud never guess ;) I thot she started singing the rhyme herself ;)
    Luv to her :)

  2. wow.. i can quite imagine ur state of mind.. sometimes kids take us by surprise..thanks to all their lil antics, im in love with so many blog babies.. Jillu included..
    love ya Jillu, hugs too..

  3. wow! the mom can sing?! jillu is lucky too.. and so sweet. mine puts his palm on my mouth- implying -shutup and spare me the torture-:-)

  4. @Swaram : thankoo..will pass it on :)
    @AJCL : yeah, babies are such fun and joy, right? it would be difficult not to love any baby for that matter :).
    @Vidya : of course, the mom cannot sing! the mom is just short of tone deaf! mom is just lucky that Jillu has not yet said "shut up". But not so lucky with the dad :(

  5. wowie.. nice.. adhu enna chubby cheeks paatu.. nanga kekadhdha iruku..

  6. @Vishnu: Chubby cheeks is rhymes. Didn't you learn it when you were a kid?


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