Monday, September 21, 2009

Either or Or, it is Or

Q : Do you want milk or curd rice now?
A : Curd rice
Q: Do you want curd rice or milk now?
A : Milk


Q: Are you a bad girl or a good  girl?
A: Good  girl
Q: Are you a good girl or a bad girl?
A: Bad girl


  1. neengalum rendathu vaati kekareengle.. munathu vati yena sona??free

  2. @soin: the third time also, same pattern continues :). The answer will be the or part again, ie whichever is the second/latest option

  3. enna nayagan dialogue lam chinna ponnu kitta kettund irukeenga.. poi kamal ah kelunga..

  4. @Vishnu : Kamal yennavaa irundhaa yenakku yenna? yenakku yen ponnu dhaane mukkiyam


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