Monday, December 21, 2009

A wonder !!!

Jillu completed all the 2 piece puzzles on Saturday!!!

Sorting, matching and fitting the pieces is not the wonder. Sitting in one place and focusing on one task completely till it got completed is the wonder :). This is the first time she has completed all in one shot :)
Good going, Jillu :)


  1. i think chotu and jillu have some weird sorta connection.. almost all that u have said abt Jillu in these pages, has been done by chotu in the exact same way at some stage or the other (those can still be attributed to kids doing similar things) but this one was the clincher.. chotu also would not sit in one place till the puzzles came along.. now he sits longer concentrating on one activity..

    as for Jillu, she has the makings of a super star- like i have mentioned before.. muah Jillu.. u have done an extremely commendable job..

  2. @AJCL : yes, whenever i read about Chotu, I get the same feeling :). sometimes, one thinks its too much of a co-incidence :)
    You have become a fan of Jillu :)


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