Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Liberty at its peak..

My mom to me: Lavanya, give Idli to Jillu
Jillu : running to me says, Laaviyaa, Jillu ku idli..

She has become too attached to her grand dads, which is not surprising at all. But,
The other day, she did not let my FIL out of her sight even for a minute. The minute he stepped out of a room  into another,
"Raghu, Nee Yenga Poiyutte ? Inga vaa..." (Raghu, where have you gone? come here)

The same with my dad...He gets a call and steps out into the balcony for better clarity and our little angel cries. "Mukund, Mukund. Mukund....."
Grand mas taken for granted.. No questions about them at all. She has been calling them by names for ever now. With me and grand dads, its relatively new :). For grand mas, she treats them specially by coming up with new nick names - variations of their existing names basically.
"Geetha, Geethi, Geethu, inga vandhu ukkaaachi " (Come here and sit).Yes, she calls all 3 names in 1 go too :)
"Pangajaaa, Pangaji," . She also just calls them simply even while having nothing to say at all.
Now, her dad is awaiting his turn :)


  1. ohh wow.. the name calling phase.. super.. enjoy panungo.. nijamave liberty thaan (loved the 'Raghu nee enga poita' bit)

  2. Did Chotu do this? call everyone by names?


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