Monday, December 7, 2009

The chocie story...

The time has come too soon. Much earlier than I expected or wanted :)
Yes, it is the "I want chocie" routine.
Till couple of weeks back, I had not given chocolate at all to Jillu. Well, she knew of its existence as she was identifying them when some one gave her, but I always took it from her (Bad, ain't I ?) and never gave her. Well, she was not pestering me, so why would I ? My philosophy was, wait till the time comes (as it is bound to at some point in time), so why hurry?
And the time has come :(.  I was hoping to extend it to another 6 months if not a year (yeah, yeah, i can hear your cries of "you greedy woman"), but then my plans were foiled by my friend's hubby who simply popped in a chocie in her mouth at their son's b'day party :). So there went my plans in the air :)
After this unfortunate (for me) and fortunate (for her) incident, I think my mil had also given her the small mittais that we call arisi mittai to Jillu one day. 

And the brunt was burnt by, not so surprisingly, by my mom :)
For 1 week, daily Jillu would say to my mom "Geetha Paati yenakku choket kuduthaa." (Geetha Paati gave me chocolates). Mom obviously just listened without responding
The next week, the same was repeated for a couple of days. Then when the indirect approach did not work, the third day, she resorted to the direct approach and told my mom "Paati, yenakku choket venum" .. hahaha.. LOL.. (Paati, I want chocolates)
My mom : Ok da.. Thathaa will get it for you when he comes home tonight
Then  in the evening, I come home first and she does not tell me anything about chocies. The moment my dad enters inside, she runs to him and says "Thathaa..vaa..choket vaangalaam..vaa" (Thatha, come lets get chocolates)

And then, as a typical mom of these days, I give hundreds of instructions to my dad about which to buy and which not to buy and caution him against getting her these daily and how it will become a bad practice and that it should be limited at the starting itself and so on and so so forth.. You get the drift, don't you?
Well, my dad gets so irritated by all this and he says "porum di...paavam kuzhandhai.oru choclate vaangarthukku ivalovaa" (Enough. She is paapam. Don't do so much for a simple thing)
and what does Jillu say ? any guesses?

She too says "Paavam Kuzhandhai"!


  1. ohh i held off chotu from chocs for as long as i could too..and then certain well meaning individuals thght i was depriving my kid! and off went my resolve..

    from experience, i know, kids will take to it, coz of initial excitment and the taste, but then will gradually get over it..

    but Jillu- paavum kozhandai indeed!

  2. I hear this word paavum very often (from Punch's grandparents ofcourse!)..But even today my grandpa/ma get a Diary Milk/Five star bar for me sometimes!!

  3. Chocolates and Children. How do you separate them? I dont even remember the first time my SLT (Sweet little terrorist) tasted it. It seems so long ago.
    What do you gain by denying them the treat? Keeping their teeth safe? Till it will fall off anyways and proper ones grow again?
    Paavam kozhandai.. you are denying them their BIRTH RIGHT! YES RIGHT TO HAVE CHOCKY :)
    Wait till they learn that they can raise their voice in a public place and we will be around their finger in no time :(

  4. @AJCL: yeah.. i knew i couldn't hold off for long. But surprisingly, after my dad got her that day, she has not asked since then. Again, i know it will be any day when she will ask again :)

    @Timepass : Wow.. that so great and cute :) YOU are so lucky :) I wish my grand parents were still alive :(

    @L_R : SLT ?? thats a novel name :). Raise voice in a public place ? I am dreading that :(. I hope it wont come to that.. i will get her chocie before that okay ? and i wont let her read this comment of yours,ok? :) hahaha:)

  5. Ohhh! Must so cool living in the same town with your parents with your kid and husband

    BTW Jillu means pretty girl. Is Jillu a girl or a boy?

  6. why do parents these days do this to their children? why no chocolate? am twenty and every day i have one cadbury cousins too give me thousand instructions when i take my nephew or niece out.its like dont want your kid to be happy.chocolate is the best

  7. @Dr K : Oh..Jillu means pretty girl ? cool..Jillu is my daughter..i thought you would have got it from my post. I have referred to Jillu as "she"

    @soin : really? daily yaa? i some how am not attached to chocies and never been, even when i was a kid.. so, i dont see the apeal...however, will try to consider your point :)

  8. I have been following your blog for quite sometime now and I must say that reading it always puts a smile on my face.

    I never posted a comment in here but when I got to know that you are not giving choclates to your daughter I couldn't resist. Choclate illa vazhkai oru vazhkaiya?? Romba condition podathama.. Paavam kozhanda samatha irukka.. santhosama avalukku choclate vaangi kodu..

    BTW, do you have speak tamil at home? I thought you speak kannada?

    - Sankar Rao

  9. Hi Sankar,
    How are you? Its been a long time. :) Good to hear from you. We do speak tamil at home. I think you have confused me with our other friend "C". She speaks Kannada at home.
    And regarding chocolates, just to clarify a point, its not that i dont want to give her, I just dont want to give daily :). Knowing my dad, he will do exactly that and over and above that as well :)adhanaala, konjam controls vekkanum.. avlodhaan :)

  10. Ummm... been there and done that and perfectly understand:-) Friday is a choc-day for Vyas. He calls up when am at work to remind me its 'that'day. The other exception being chocolates given by his classmates on their B'days. Denying that when the rest of the class happily feasts, is the real deprivation. Its best to educate the child on the ills of a habit instead of pleading with the adults from my experience:-)

    That you held on for so long is itself an achievement:-)

  11. @Vidya : yeah. but then we do need the adults co-operation now and then :). yeah, i was surprised myself that it took so long to get to this stage :)

  12. Ha Ha Ha. Looks like my confusion with your other 'C' friend will contiue for ever

    - Sankar Rao


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