Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beyond boundaries !

Jillu is reaching out and learning beyond her boundaries on her own.

A few days back, I was busy doing something in the kitchen and she was with her dad. She suddenly told him something which made me start and stare in surprise !
I looked at her dad and he had not understood. No wonder !!! Sometimes its difficult to understand even the known things of what she says but these are new words !

She had just said,

"IKKADA CHOODU" ("See here" in Telugu)

I thought my mom had taught her. I was amazed when I checked with her and she said that she had not ! So where did she get that from ?


  1. She must have got it from the "Vijay" movie dialogues that is played so often in TVs. Ana romba nalla use panra Jillu :D

  2. lol!! when u husband finally understood, what was his reaction?
    i think she got it from the TV..this phase of kids, where they are constantly learning and applying their new acquired knowledge, is very heartening to see/hear.. god bless!

  3. From TV ? Oh...never thought of that. I dont watch so much so, didn't think of it :). What is amazing to me is that when they see or learn something, they dont use it then and there, but store it and then apply it at in the proper context.
    My husband took it in his stride :)


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