Thursday, December 31, 2009

Birthday weekend that was !

Friday, Christmas Day : Amma was busy shopping for Jillu's small party. Amma had got a black one piece dress for Jillu which she liked very much. But Appa and paati felt that it was dull. As Appa put it, " I don't mind even if she wears a night gown and cuts the cake, I am only saying because you are so particular about all these and expect perfection". After hearing this, what else would happen but for Amma scouting around for another bright dress (Mind you, Amma still likes the black dress! Only, one cannot take a chance when 2 people think its not not good enuf ). So, other than scouting for another dress, Amma also had to arrange for all the other major and minor things for the making of a small party

Saturday : Last minute phone calls for confirming snacks, cake etc. Drop Jillu at Geetha paati's place so that Amma and Appa could re-arrange the stuff in the hall and  decorate the room. Happy Birthday banner, Jillu's name in Golden letters, Mickey, Minnie, Pussy cat and Winnie the Pooh, all were to grace the occasion and hence all of them were put up on the wall. 
In the meanwhile while we were busy with doing the decorations, Jillu, you had told Paati that "Amma, wall la aappy birthday otta poraa" (Amma is going to put Happy birthday banners on the wall) . Now I don't know how you knew that at all. Did you hear me say some such thing to your Paati? 
When we finally brought you over to home, you were so thrilled to see the decor. The moment you looked at it, you said without a single hesitation "Aappy Birthday ottirukkaa". Again, you don't know to read, but I guess you have attended enough birthday parties for you to recognize the patterns. I can never forget the joy that you had on seeing that banner and other stuff. You kept repeating "Amma appy birthday ottirukka" every few seconds. You identified each and every one of the characters stuck on the wall. We had to really cajole you to go to bed. You came to bed only after the assurance that it will remain there and that you can look at it in the morning as well

Sunday : The Party day. Again, the joy of the previous night continued. Everything had to be done in front of the decor. 
Me : Jillu, ee thaekalaam vaa (Jillu, come, lets brush your teeth)
Jillu : aappy birthday paathunde thaekalaam (lets do it in front of Aappy birthday)
Me : Jillu, paal saapidu (Jillu, drink your milk)
Jillu : aappy birthday paathunde (lets do it in front of Aappy birthday)
and on and on.And when balloons were added to the collection, your joy knew no bounds:). And then finally the time came, your little friends came home and the party was on :). It went on splendidly. And what was decor on the cake ? of course a drawing of Dora. What else could it be ?

Monday : YOUR BIRTHDAY :). Amma and Appa had taken the day off to spend the entire day with you
Me : Jillu Dec 28 vandaachu, Inniku dhaan Dec 28 (Today is Dec 28)
Jillu : Polaamaa? (Shall we go?)
Me : yenga? (Where?)
Jillu :(as is your usual reply) : Cake cut panna (We can cut the cake)
Me : Naethikke cake cut pannyaachu da. Inniku naamba taataa poga porom (We cut the cake yesterday naa. Instead, we will go taataa today)
You went to temple with thaatha and paati in the morning. After that, Amma and Appa took you to VGP Golden beach. And what fun you had ! We never imagined that you had grown up so much in these one or two months. For, you had overcome your fear of both the sea and the rides. The last time that we took you to the beach, you were bawling your eyes out on the small merry-go-round ride and also were none too comfortable with the waves and the sea. But that day, there were no such signs and you just freaked out.
You never gave us a second look once we put you on a ride and you were lapping it all up and in fact you were extremely busy in making friends with your fellow neighbor in the ride :). You went to the extent of saying "Polamma ?" to a sophisticated adult ride as well :)
And as if this was not enough of a shock for us, we were further dumbfounded when we saw your glee in reaching the sea. There was absolutely no sign of inhibition in you and the only words that came out of your mouth were  "Wowwww.." and "Jammunu irukku" and by the time we came out of the water, you were totally drenched after playing in the water. No wonder as we had spent more than 1/2 an hour in the water.
More treat was in store for you, for we went to another birthday party from there and you again had a good time with the kutties there, not to mention the cake that you got to have as well :)
All in all, it was a fabulous day and we enjoyed it thoroughly as much as you did :)


  1. wow.. happy buddaay again Jillu.. u had super fun dint ya?

    lavs: the beach episode took me back to a prev post where u had written abt her fear for it, am so glad she got over it.. must have been a treat to watch illa? god bless this lil family..
    PS: sent u an email

  2. Wow .. sounds like so much fun :)
    Cheers to the lovely, fearless Jillu and may the new yr have a lot of nice things in store for her.
    Wish ur family a very happy new yr ahead :)

    So, she wanted to do everything in front of the decor .. thatz so so sweet :)

  3. @AJCL : Am so glad she got over it as well :)

    @Swaram : Oh, yes. the decor is still there and is looked at daily. :)

    Wish you all a vary Happy New Year :)

  4. Belated birthday wishes to Jillu !!!

  5. belated piranthanal vazthukal to jillu.been busy.will read the unread nes

  6. @Swetha, Soin : Thank u for the wishes :)

  7. Belated birthday greetings to Jillu. Good to hear that she has got over her water fear and had a great time at the beach. Looks like all of you had a wonderful time celebrating!

    Hugs and kisses to darling Jillu!


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