Sunday, December 6, 2009

Doctor, Beach, Wedding,Cake etc

Can any one guess the link between these? No? Please read on...:)

Jillu : Jillu innuku yenga poga poradhu ? (Where is Jillu going today?)
This out of her own volition with no prompting or hints from us about going anywhere..and imagine her saying all these in a sing song voice with lilts, ups and downs :)
Me : Yeppo? (When?)
Jillu : Saayangaalam. Thoongi yezhundhuttu (Evening. After my nap)
Me : Yenga poga poradhu? (Where is Jillu going?)
Jillu : Pankaja paati aathukku (To Pankaja paati's house)
and then seeing my face
Jillu : No.. Balaji chlats...(hey, both are the same..Balaji flats is where Pankaja paati resides)
Me : No
Jillu : Namba Dr kitta poga porom..( We are going to the doc.. we had been to the doc twice in the previous week as she was down with fever, cold and wheezing. She is recovering now)
Me : No da..
Jillu : Beach
Me : No da 
Jillu : kalyaanam poga porom.(we are going to a wedding)
Me : (Totally surprised !) No da kanaa
Jillu : Cake cut panna porom (Meaning are we going to a birthday party ?)
Me : (Taken you to too many already?) No da, kanna..
Silence.....poor girl.. she was just looking at me post that with no other options coming to her mind..
Me : Naama Geetha paati aathukku poga porom :)

Now, you know about all Jillu's outings :)


  1. Ha ha ha ... kalyanam one ws really creative ;)So, u went to Geetha paati's finally :)

  2. Anga thaan ponnu kozhandhaikum, paiyan kozhandhaikkum vidyaasam ... idhu ve en paiyanaa irundhaa ippadi thaan pesirupaan ..

    Billu - Billu Innikku enga poga poradhu ?
    Me - Eppo ?
    Billu - Night
    Me - Enga poganum ?
    Billu - TASMARK
    Me - No
    Billu - Renuka Bar
    Me - No
    Billu - TGIF ?
    Me - No
    Billu - Po paa, unakku mabbu innum erangave illa, namba local saaraayame kudikalaam ;)

  3. If you are in Madras please put the kid in PSBB:).

  4. @Swaram : Oh, yeah, we did :)
    @Satish : idhu romba overa therila unakku? even per yr standards? :) unakku payyan porandhaa neeye solli tharuve polirukke? :)
    @Dr K : hahaha.. I hear PSBB is going down these days..not the same as before...

  5. So Jillu, did u finally go to Geetha paati's house.. i love the way she says 'chlat'

  6. @AJCL : Oh yes, we did :) and this is exactly what I thought you will write when I was writing the post :).. chlats

  7. WTH! Really? PSBB going down a:( Achachooo!

  8. @Dr K : well, thats what i heard. At least people don't prefer it after 7th or 8th std..


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