Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can this be a toddler speaking? Should n't this be happening much later?

My mom is washing some vessels in the kitchen.

Jillu : Paati, adha vechuru. Pannaadhe. (Grand mom. you keep it aside. don't do it)

My Mom : yenna pannaadhe?  (what should i not do?)

Jillu :paathiram thaekaadhe. vechuru (dont wash the dishes)

My mom : (thinking she is saying all this 'coz of the impending taataa /outing) yen di kannaa? (why?)

Jillu : amma thittuvaa. vechuru (amma will scold - which is very true and i do scold my mom if she does the house chores. I always tell her "you take care of her and i shall manage the rest")

My Mom : aparam yaaru di thaeppaa? (then who else will do?)

Jillu : Amma pannuvaa. nee vechuru. (amma will do na. you don't do)


  1. Jillu- this is it! you are a super star.. so cute.. only amma must have felt a lil sad listening to this..

  2. super!! unga amma appadia purichi ponangala?

  3. Awesome! She is so caring err for the grandmom ;)
    Oh eh, she knows her Mom is a supermom .. she can do everything :)

  4. Oru kutty project manager uruvaagaradhu en kannukku teriyudhu ... yen naa avanga thaan, thaangalum seiya maattanga velaiya, aduthavanga seiyaradhayum othuka maataanga, aanaa delegate mattum pannikite irupaanga ;-)))

  5. @AJCL : Amma felt proud :) not sad :) shewas only re-iterating what i told my mom :)

    @Swetha : Oh, yeah. kaejanumaa? she was stunned.

    @Swaram : supermom eh ? hardly..thats a very tough call :)

    @Satish: hahaha..Spoken like a true project manager: )


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