Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jillu talkies - Part II

Jillu has already started using some uncommon words (for the kids) and she is getting to know the nuances of tamil language. The bold ones below are examples of some.

Early morning, soon after she gets up, I start removing her sweater (its very cold now,esp in the nights) and she says "adhu paatukku irukkatum" (let it remain naa)

Jillu's dad asks her to remove her toys from the floor as the servant maid is sweeping the floor and she says "paravaaa illai"

Jillu, inga vaa potty la ukkaar,susu po (come here)
Jillu : Naa vara maatten ( I won't come - she is very busy with her puzzles)
After a couple of mins
Jillu vaa inga
Jillu : Naa vara maatten
After a couple of mins
Jillu inga vaa maa
Jillu : Naa vara maattennu sollitten (I already told I will not come)

Yesterday, we had left a sleeping Jillu in my MIL's place  to take care of some bank work. Jillu after waking up, "Amma yenge" (Where is Amma?)
MIL : Bank poiyurukkaa, Vandhuruvaa. (She has gone to the bank. Will be here soon)
Jillu : Jillu ku dress vanngi tharuvaa (She will buy me dress then)


  1. So a person who can be independent and take car of her own environment is in the making nu sollu :)

  2. i just am falling more and more in love with Jillu.. shez lil lady in her own right..

  3. Naa vara maattennu sollitten - thatz the best!

  4. @Satish : Oh, yeah. no doubts on that :)

    @AJCL : :) LOL

    @Swaram : me thinks so too :)


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