Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jillu talkies

Me : Come, lets go to the terrace before it gets dark
Jillu being busy with something else and generally not in the mood and creating trouble..So I leave it. Then after half an hour or so,
Jillu : Amma, maadi kku polaam (Amma, lets go to terrace)
Me: No da.. Its late..its getting dark. We shall go tomorrow
Jillu insists again and I repeat the same again.
Jillu then showing her thumb and fore finger in a formation of  an open O says "Konjoondu polaam ma" (Instead of saying for a short while, she says can we go for a very small amount?)

Me: Jillu, where is your kerchief?
Jillu : in the cot
Me: Where in the cot?
Jillu: Yengeyaana irukkum. thedu. (It will be there somewhere. search.)
Jillu does some naughty stuff and dad gets annoyed.
Dad : Jillu, it told you not to mess with those (in a slightly loud noise)
Jillu : Its okay, appa.. kathaadhe.. (kathaadhe means dont shout. she said it in the exact mix of the language-in english and tamil) 
Me and dad: ???!!!
Inspiration :she saw us saying the same thing to my cousin's pet dog


  1. haha LOL on appa kathaadhe...Kids are so observant..I noticed the ticker..Advance birthday wishes to Jillu

  2. ippove athata aarmbichutala.. besh besh..

  3. "Konjoondu polaam ma" - ha ha so sweet..

  4. so cute.. i can already imagine how she must have said .. konjoondu.. muah muah Jillu..

    my polambal:chotu also says kathade amma.. only he also preceds the phrase with 'kozhandaya'-when i raise my voice..

    his inspiration : his doting grandparents who once chided me in front of him saying the same thing 'kozhandaya kathade ma'

  5. LOL .. very sweet! The last one takes the cake :)

  6. @Timepass : Thankoo for the wishes :)

    @soin : yeah, iduvum undu, idhukkum melayum miratuvo :)

    @Swetha : :)

    @AJCL : chotu, you too ? iva dhaan "kunzhandhaikku pasikudhu", "kuzhandhaikku thookam varudhu" nu sollindu thiriyaraa nu ninachen.. neeyumaa? I can totally imagine how he would have said as well..i have a living example with me :)

    @Swaram : Oh, yes and that was said in the same placating tone that I was really ROFL at that moment :)


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