Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My caretaker

This morning we were doing our usual good bye routine when I was leaving for work.

Then Jillu immediately said "Ammma, kudai pidichukko" (Amma, hold the umbrella)
She had noticed that it was raining (I had not and I generally don't bother with an umbrella. :).Need an excuse for getting drenched, isn't it ? :) ) and hence I had to carry an umbrella when I was stepping out of home. 

Jillu, who taught you this? You have seen, observed, and deduced on your own :) Well done, my girl :)

And today, for Jillu, I did unfold and use the umbrella, even though, the rain was just a teeny bit drizzle
Thank you, my dear sweetie, for reminding me and taking care :)


  1. Oh wow! She is already taking care of Mamma ... so sweet of her :)

  2. its amazing what they learn just by observing.. more often than not, they mirror our actions.. so a caring amma's super caring ponnu Jillu

  3. @ Swetha, Swaram, AJCL : :) this phase of the kids is really sooper :)


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