Friday, December 4, 2009

Johny reborn ...

Johny Johny
Yes, Papa
Eating Sugar?
No Perippa, No V.... (her perippa's name)
Telling Lies ?
No Perippa
Open Your mouth,
Ha ha ha

This is Jillu's version of the Johny Johny rhymes! Perippa is Jillu's dad's elder brother. I have no idea how she latched on to her perippa in this context:)


  1. LOL!!! yes papa must have sounded like periappa.. Jillu u r a sweetheart

  2. @AJCL : Oh, she knew it was Papa alright :). This new version has been released recently whereas she has been reciting the original for the past 6 months :)

  3. Ha ha ha ... a budding poetess ;)

  4. Besh besh.. oru pulavar uruvaagiraaro..
    seems like a pre-programmed pattern in some kids. My nephew sang fifteen years back, chinna chinna aasai, dosai thinna aasai, next am hearing this..

  5. @Swaram,L_R : :), she seems to be coming up with such alterations now and then by herself. The other day, she was adding all the endearments words that we use to address her as an addendum to one of the krishna songs and making a new song out of it :)

  6. My uterus just skipped a beat. Which is pretty weird considering I am a guy. I am getting a nephew/niece and I am really excited :D

    Your kid is uber cute

  7. @Dr Bodhi : Welcome here and Thank you :) I am sure you will have lots fun with yr nephew/niece :)


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