Thursday, December 24, 2009


We, Jillu and I, sing songs before Jillu goes to sleep. Songs are from all categories - Carnatic, Rhymes and Cinema songs. We don't leave anything :) Depending on her tiredness, the session would last from 10 mins to 30 mins or would never end and would go on and on.

For me, even the though the syllabus is well known, I still have to be very alert and  up-to-date as Jillu, without knowing it, plays the very complex round of anthakshari with me. Here is an excerpt out of it..
Jillu : Amma "chubby cheeks"paadu (Amma, Sing "chubby cheeks")
Me : chubby cheeks
Jillu : dimple chin..., she will continue and finish it.. Then
Amma, little lamb paadu
Me : Mary had a little lamb, little la
Jillu : Amma, "Go" paadu
Me : mb, little lamb, Mary had a 
Jillu : Amma, "Go" paadu
Me : little lamb and its face was
Jillu : Amma, "Go" paadu (Its a shout now)
Me : Everywhere that Mary went, Mary went, the lamb was sure to go (and the remaining of the first line remains un-sung)

Jillu : vera yenna paadalaam ? mm?? (What else can we sing ?) Amma, Alai paayaudhe paadu
Me : Alai paayud
Jillu : Mootamathe paadu
Me : (pause..rewind.. think.. now which is this song? Ok.. here it goes..)
"Baja govindham, Baja govindham, govindham bhaja, moodamathe"
Jillu : Amma "Mohana venu gaanam paadu"
Me : (stop, think, ok,) "Yen Ananda Mohana venugaanam adhil, Alai Paayudhe"
Jillu : Broche vaa paadu
Me : (ok..  this is the beginning of the song.. this is straight forward..I can manage)
Broche vaa .... continue and finish the couple of lines..
then it goes on to cine songs and then gain alternates between all 3 and the game/singing continues and then suddenly, comes a out of syllabus request like this

Jillu :Amma, "Docomo" paadu
Me : ?????

And then, I learn the DOCOMO ad music next day and "Tuturu, Tuturu" (thats how the catchy tune goes for the ad) gets added to the syllabus :)

Want to play Anthakshari with Jillu? any takers? She could pick up any word from anywhere of the song and ask you to sing :)


  1. Oh my GOD!!! Tats a variety not ready for it :(

  2. im totally game, actully chotu's appa will beat me to it.. coz chotu does EXACTLY this.. we have painstakingly built our knowledge base and will be very happy putting it to use.. so when shall we come over?alternatively u guys could come here..

  3. patterns are amusing aren't they, they keep going to those specific points in stories/songs that interest them, You will also note that the parts that interest them also keep shifting as time goes by.
    You could also teach her.. appidi podu podu..along with Jagadaa.
    You'll never know she'll even mix the two ;)
    Right now, am on Ballelakka :) with Alaipayudhey and Kaminey..We also try tunes in flute and the piano alternatively to see if we can get the tunes right ;)
    I'm having a gala time now that I have a valid excuse to behave like a kid!

  4. Ummm... jillu is lucky! Mine suffers from want of variety:-) Docomo is very nice and catchy!

  5. @Swetha : Not to worry. Jillu will teach you :)

    @AJCL : We are all game too :) should be interesting to compare both our knowledge bases :). Lets do get togther :)

    @L_R : Flute and piano.. interesting :) She broke her flute and I am yet to get her another one :). Appidi podu laam thaandi, now she's singing "Modhi Modhi"..i don't even know what song it is :). Yes, we all do have a gala time with kids , right ? it is so refreshing..

    @Vidya : Make up songs as you go :) Jillu has started doing that as well. and i love the DOCOMo music

  6. Varungaalathula oru nalla RJ INDIA ku kedaika poradhula endha sandhegamum illa ... but pls PEPSI UMA maadhiri mattum poga sollaadha :)

  7. @Satish : Pleaaaasse.. yen yaa PEPSI uma laam inga kondu vare yaa?? venave venaam :)

    @L_R : What is LMAO?


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