Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Appreciations Galore !!!

No one appreciates me (us) better than Jillu.

I sing in my most baritone voice and Jillu says

"Nanaaa paadaraiyee" (You sing soooo well !) and my dear husband laughs out loud. Really, I sing so badly and she is the only one (currently ) to appreciate me :). She is the only person who has ever appreciated me for singing. All I have to do is sincerely attempt to sing a song. She realizes that and immediately says " Naanaaa Paadaraiyeee"

And then when i eat, "Nannaa saapidaraiyee" (You eat soo well!)

And when I blow her whistle,"Naanaaa oodharaiye" (You blow the whistle sooo well!)

and so on and so forth :)

you get the drift ??

Innocence at its best :).No one has appreciated me more and especially for singing :) and I relish as long as it lasts for surely, she is bound to stop doing that one day :(


  1. Aww so sweet of her :) Cn I get some appreciation too pls :P

  2. Un bloga padichaa enna solluvaalo ?? "Nannaa Olarariye ..." nu solluvaalo ? ;))) hahahaha

  3. In my college, we used to start clapping as soon as we hear a song sung badly.. ... get the drift? :P

  4. @Swaram : "Swaram Aunty, nee nannaa comment panriyee. romba good a irukkiye, Thankyou". Thats Jillu saying "Swaram Aunty, you are commenting so well and you are being so nice to me :) Thank you " :)

    @Sat : I will be very glad if she stops with that reaction alone :).. adhukku mela yedhaana sonnaa dhaan problem

    @LR : :) I think you guys would be doing more than clapping when you want to boo some one out !

  5. @AJCL : it gives me mini goose bumps when she says that, even though I know that she just like that says it !!! :)

  6. Make hay when the sun shines:)

  7. Even i will come and sing in front of jillu. Ennayum solva illaya ? :)
    Very nice habit, and encourage her to continue this. Infact , each and every person would love to be appreciated.

  8. @Vidya : exactly :)

    @CG : Oh sure, yes ! it applies to all ! she appreciates hard work , u see. so yellarukkum appreciation kidaikkum jillu kitterundhu :)


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