Wednesday, March 3, 2010

After effects of krishna

Watching Krishna has had its own down side impact on Jillu. 

While all of us including Jillu, loved watching little Krishna's escapades and fun filled banter, we had not anticipated the tough questions it would pose so soon! 

The first indication (this is with hindsight! we didn't know then) was when she refused to go alone into a room (even for a moment) or anywhere else for that matter. This surprised us as she was never afraid (even of darkness) and used to wander around freely everywhere any time of the day.

Only when she started speaking and was able to express herself that we understood it finally ! Coz whenever she ventured alone to a room on any errand, she suddenly started asking us

"Boodham vara mattaa?" 

I was shocked when I heard her say that the first time! This is the after effects of seeing Krishna kill too many "Arakkans" ! When I asked her who told her about "Bhoodams" and stuff, there was no answer. When this became a habit (for she was repeatedly asking this way too many times and still does it by the way), we assured her that there was no such thing called bhoodham and they existed only in the TV and no where else! I don't think she is still totally satisfied with the answer for she still directs the same old question in spite of repeated re-assurances and still hesitates to go alone to an empty room! This was really a shocker because we have never used those terms with her at all even while explaining the happenings in the Krishna episodes (exactly to avoiding scaring her!but it has happened :( )

And then, one day, a related question propped up, which was more difficult to answer (in the sense, it was not expected and right into gray area too soon!)

I was putting Jillu to sleep and there came the question again !

Jillu : Amma, Boodham vara maataa
Me : vara maataa da chellamaa, Boodham laa TV la dhaan iruppaa
Jillu : Kichna ?? Kichna yenga ?
Me : ?? (What do i say to this ? "its too soon" screamed my mind, to be answering such questions ! when i am not sure of the answers myself !)
Kichna mela irukkaa da. Melerundhu Jillu va paathunde irupppaa yeppodhum !
Jillu : Kichna varuvaalaa?
Me : (??? now what ? OK. maintain consistency! dont confuse her too much !)
Kichna TV la dhaan iruppaa ma. Bhoodam um TV la dhaan. Jillu kitta vara maataa!


  1. Ohh dear .. its too difficult to answer these qs no? Hvng heard Cinderella and other such stories, one kid we know hd asked her Mom if she ws a step-mother when she showed her anger :( Hope she gets over the fear soon!

  2. Its is goiyaale goiyaale tuff to answer such questions. Manasukulla "Ippave kanna kattudhe" nu thaane nenacha ?? ;)))))

  3. Sure is tough to answer some questions. But if it helps you any, most kids know no fear when they are really small. It is once they grow a little older that they experience fear. That's how it was with my daughter. She was absolutely fearless, but now there are certain things that scare her.

  4. We too never use terms such as bootham or boochandi, bt once he went to school he got fully educated.:( . You can just tell her this - they are just bad people and nothing like bootham in the real world and they are disguising themselves like that of children in fancy dress competition. Hope she believes them.

  5. @Swaram : ahaa.. stepmom a ?? that was indeed too much. you can't even show anger these days ? :(

    @Sat : ammaa yaa...ippove vaa nu ninaichen :)

    @Jayashree : you are right and i realize that. but this particular thing is completely triggered by krishna as she named one of the asuras from krishna when she asks the question

    @CG : she hasn't even gone to school yet and she still knows the terms "bhoodham" and she enlightened me yesterday that she knew even "boochandi" (god only knows how) by using that word yesterday ! right now, i hv told her they are only in TV. paakalaam

  6. Lav, but what you told her is the truth isn't it?:-) Now try this:

    1.Does Krishna belong to old stone age, or modern age?

    2. If old-stone age, how come fire, food, clothes, jewels etc? If modern or new-age, did man come first and then God?

    3. If Kittu-ummachi (or Kicha) is guarding from above, is he guarding the US, Australia, Europe and rest of Asia too?

    Shabbaaaa... Have been thru this drill...

  7. @Vidya : A drill it is for sure :). I had a glimpse of what I will be facing in the future :) I know you have been there :) I intend to sweep through your blog posts as and when needed for arming myself better :)

  8. Thats a pity! i guess its a part of growing up too! Tell her that Kicha will hit these bad boys for a big six!
    Sit down and draft a plan with Jillu about how she along with you will give one big adi to the demons and they will go running back to their mommas..

  9. @LR : Thats seems to be a good plan :)

  10. @ajcl : not sure.. i didn't change anything.. will check it out

  11. @ajcl : done ! somehow, settings had changed!


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