Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jillu Talkies - Humor Contd

Me and Jillu are in the midst of a Drawing session 

Jillu : Amma, nee onu yeduthukko (You take a color pencil)
Me : OK...
Jillu : (Pointing to a page thats fully scribbled with various colors) Naan yezhudhirukken paaru, (a slight pause and then ) Naan kirukirikaen paaru.. andha maadhiri neeyum
I started laughing !


Me : Nee yenna pannaa Appa maadhiri tall aaga mudiyum ? (What should you do to become tall ?)
Jillu : mm.. murukku, Chockate, Biscuit, yelllaaaaaaaaaaam chaaptaa dhaa taaaaaaaalll aaga mudyum
(Generally, she would stick to the truth and say appple, banaaana, carrot etc etc.. but last night was a complete turn around :) )


After afternoon's nap, my mom is trying to make her go susu and some seva is being shown in TTD channel in TV

My Mom : Jillu, vaa susu polaam
no response
My Mom : Jillu, vaa da kannaa
Jillu : watching TV suddenly proclaims " Ummmachi susu pooveela paathiyaa ?"

and what else could we do but LOL !



  1. ha ha ur daughter's humour sense is increasing day by day!!! too gud!!

  2. Jilly logiclam chanceillai.. its so cute to see her relate stuff..

  3. @Swetha : ava serious a pesardhu namakku dhaan humor a irukku :)

    @AJCL : ippove ivalo logic.. innum poga poga kaekavae venaam

  4. hahaha - ummaachi susu pove illa paarthiyaa :))))))))) Irundhaalum un ponnu, romba kostin ketkaraa yaa :)))))

  5. LOL, and wat an observation power - relating and co-relating.. So, everytime u write a post, suthi podunga jillukku.

  6. LOL! Ummachi susu povella... ROFL!!!

  7. Ha ha She hs a gr8 sense of humour :D

  8. Hey...first time here... Ummachi susu pooveela? LOL... In need of a stress free hour?..listen to your kid's conversations!

  9. @CG : mudinja varaikum dhinam suthi podarom :)

    @Swaram : ava serious a pesaraalo yennavo ? :)

    @Hema : welcome here ! I hope you enjoy reading abt Jillu :)! oh yeah ! kids are a great stress reliever !


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