Friday, March 26, 2010

Jillu talkies - 5

Jillu these days is becoming fiercely independent, adamant, stubborn etc etc etc..Wants to have her own way and wants to do everything ( i mean everything- even the stuff I do) on her own. This leads to some tug of war between the two of us and some strict talking from me. On one such occasion, when I was on my tirade (includes advise, preaching, teaching, scolding et all),  she told me very cutely

"Amma vum Jillu vum sanda podaraaa" (Amma and Jillu are having a fight!)

Me : #$%^&?????????


When we were going out for our evening outing the other day, she suddenly told me, 
"Naan ammanamma irukken" ( I am naked!)
Me : (quite taken aback ! She was properly and very cutely dressed up and all that ! ) Illa da. Nee dress laam pottundu irukke! Dress laam illa na dhaan ammanam. Ippo kidaiyaadhu! (Basically explained to her that she will be naked only if she does not wear any clothes!)
Jillu : Avuthaa dhaan.
Me : yes!
And then we were on our way on my bike. And then Jillu suddenly exclaims

"Amma anga paaru, Jhoo ! Jhoo* ammanamaa irukku paaru ! (Ma, see there, the dog ! The dog is naked !)
Me : LOL!

*Jhoo means dog in Jillu's language



  1. Un ponnu innum Simran, Namitha padam ellaam paarthadhu illayo ?? :))))))))

  2. LOL .. dog is naked. She observes a lot!

    The first thing .. I think all the preaching came to an end there once she said that so sweetly :P

  3. Sooo cute she is! Hugs to her :)

  4. She says some of the cutest things I've ever read.

  5. LOL.... Innocence at its best illa!!!1

  6. @Sat : LOL :)

    @Swaram : Oh, yes ! She observes a lot indeed ! yes, I had to stop after she said that

    @Uma : Thank you , Uma Aunty:)

    @jayashree : :) Thank you :)

    @CG : yep! and i am enjoying as long it lasts ! :)


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