Saturday, March 20, 2010

Adhisayam , Annaaal Unmai (A wonder , but true!)

I never thought I would do this ! Get crafty and do art ! Participate/ contribute to a puppet contest ! For more details please visit the lovely blog with the Artsy -Crafty contest for March

Inspired by clowns and aliens, (Thank you, Uma) I rummaged among all the clutter that we had to see if I could make up anything for Jillu. And, not to my surprise, lot of unused things were scattered around the place. However, I was inspired by a chewed (by Jillu obviously) rubber ball to make a girl out of it.

Since the rubber ball came handy with a smiley, I had a ready made face. I just used my used rubber band for the hair and cut strips of another rubber band to make the wisps of hair on the forehead. Jillu's baby bangles made gorgeous hooks for the girl's ear. As soon as I was just fitting around loosely to see how it looks, Jillu loved it and immediately named her Dolly. So here, I (We) present  Dolly to you :)

So how does it become a puppet ? I used the cap of a specs holder as a base for Dolly. So now, Jillu can put her finger inside the cap and do puppet shows.

Now Dolly is lonely and has no one to play with ! And she wanted to go on a ride too ! (Just like Jillu does always)! When Dolly was scouting for a play mate, there came along this cutie elephant.

The elephant was absolutely simple to make and I followed instructions from here
As I already had a gray paper plate, I skipped the painting part and just reversed the paper plate. I used black bindhi for eyes.
And then we use our hands to make the trunk and it becomes puppet as well. I just loved this ! 

You will have to bear with the poor pic above as I was using my one hand for the puppet and the other for clicking shots.

So to get back to our story, Dolly was real excited to see the Jumbo (elephant) and was jumping up and down ! And the jumbo delighted her by giving a ride.. How ? Look here..

A really simple story right ? I am a very bad story teller and couldn't make up beyond this :( But I loved doing it. 

Jillu has seen the dolly. But she is yet to see the elephant. I made both, though Jillu helped me with the glue-ing part (rather she applied glue all over my dress :) ) for making the Dolly. 

Both can be easily made by 3 yr old kids, I guess


  1. Lovely! thanks for sending ur entry :)
    I'm putting them up now.

  2. Wow!!! looks really gud... esp the elephant part, how easy it is!!!Its real fun wen v get creative!!

  3. So very creative. Gud luck Lavs :)

  4. @Shruthi : Thank you :)

    @AJCL :thankoo...

    @Swetha : yeah, at the out set it seems tough, but if you get into it, there are very simple ones even for the non creative ones like me :)

    @Swaram : The elephant was courtesy google! What will we all do without google ? :)

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  6. Wowww! Lavanya, ullukulla ivvalavu thiramaiya olichu vechurukkeenga. Super ponga.

  7. Both the puppets look good....Iam going to try out the elephant.

  8. @CG : thiramailaam illanga. Oru ready made face ku earrings pottu vitten :).. mathadhu courtesy google. i am the last person to be creative :(

    @Jayashree : if you search in the net, you get amazingly simple stuff that are fun to do.. all the best :)

  9. Chinna vayasula ... "Art & Craft" period nallaa atend panniruka nu teriyudhu :)))

    Good ones ....

  10. Hey, I can't believe I inspired someone LOL!
    The elephant is a wonderful idea and I really like the way you have used the spectacle cap - makes it a real puppet!

  11. @Sat : appidingara period laam illa naan padikkum bodhu :)

    @Uma : Sure, you did ! I was just searching for something to make it a real puppet and that cap caught my eye :)


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