Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The next generation takes a further step in luxury...

A lot of talking, thinking and singing goes on while she is sitting on her potty. Yesterday, when she saw me put on the bedroom fan for self, she looked up at the bathroom ceiling and told me

 "San illa". ( Meaning no fan. yeah, she has not yet got the pronunciation for the letter  "f" )
Me : Yenga illa? (where?, knowing very well where)
Jillu : (pointing to the ceiling) Bathroom la illa  (its not there in the bathroom)
Me : Ammmam. yenna pannanum? (Yes, what to do ?)
Jillu : Podanum (need to put on one!)
Me : Yedukku podanum ? (why?)
Jillu : Jillu ku.. pogardhukku...(For Jillu..)


  1. LOL .. next she will ask for an AC directly :P

  2. Funny and cute at the same time.....

  3. See her point is very valid ... in a bathroom, either air should come from the "bottom" or from the top ;) hahahahaha .... :)))))

    So pls install a ceiling fan immdly :)

  4. LOL...V too asks the same, and I switch on the bathroom exhaust fan for him:)))) Looks like he has company ...for him fan is chhaann!

  5. Even P asked for the same thing when he was a child and continues to do so. All luxury speaking...

  6. LOL! Luxury indeed:) For Varun, it is taen and yet to graduate to chhaan or san!

  7. Rousu thaangalappa.. bathroom'la fan'a .. paathu.. aduthathu.. bedroom'la aduppu kaekkapora.. summa paduthundae.. smaikalaame!

  8. @Swaram : hahaha.. that would be too much, I think :)

    @Jayashree : :)

    @Sat : Yenakku theriyume.. nee ippidi dhaan yedhaana comment poduvennu.. btw, air was coming in thru the ventillation at the top.. so no issues there

    @Hema : Oh! I thought only she can come up with such things :).. sure she's got company :)

    @CG : "P" yumaa? I got the tile correct indeed when i said "next generation" :)

    @Vidya : he's started talking already ? woww...

    @L_R : careful pls :) let her not hear you say that :)

  9. Well, why not :D
    Oh, I know ppl who do have fans in the loos...

    Btw, I've tagged you

  10. @Uma : Oh, you do, do you ? have never been to someone's place who have fans in the loo !

    Oh, Thank you. Will take it up !

  11. so adorable.. fan install pannavendiyadhu thaan.. chotu asked for the table fan to be moved to the toilet coz apparently 'sweat, sweat-a varadhu' he told me..

  12. @AJCL : you too Chotu ? :)yellaam ore set dhaan po :)


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