Monday, April 5, 2010

No title is going to do justice...

Jillu, lately, has been up to crazy things. Regular readers of Jillu will know that she is getting to be really independent and wants to do everything herself. But no one (including me) could believe that she could go to such extent.
The other day, I was sitting in front of my PC and doing my usual stuff that I do. You have the right to ask:  "what  stuff?" as I have not even updated her blog for so many days! But if you do ask, I may not know the answer :) 
Jillu, these days, can be left alone for a couple of minutes away from my prying eyes and as I said, I had just sat down at the PC. I was doing my stuff and I could hear her doing her stuff in the hall with her play things. And in the background, I heard the cooker blow the first whistle. Me thinks, OK 3 more to go. 

Half a minute goes by. 

Jillu comes running to me and says
"Cooker whistle vandhudhu. Adhaan" (The cooker whistle came. Thats why)
Me : (distracted) hmmmm
Jillu : (looking seriously at me) cooker whistle vandhudhu. Adhaan (The cooker whistle came. Thats why)
Something in her tone made me look at her this time and what i read in her face raised alarm bells all over my head (and body) 
Me : "Adhaan ? yena panne ? (Thats why ? so what did you do ?)
I didn't wait for her reply but rushed to the kitchen to see that the gas stove has been switched off after the first whistle !!!

Edited to add : Now, she has taught me that I cannot leave her alone even for half a minute. A bitter lesson to learn, I tell you. And it is so scary !!! My mind conjures up thousand and one images and scenarios that could go wrong when she is near the gas ! My whole body just shudders thinking about it ! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........


  1. woohooo!!! she did that???? awesome.. im so open mouthed reading this..
    she can already reach up to the stove huh??

  2. OMG ... sounds really scary.

    Ivalo vayasaagiyum enga appava enga paati gas off panna vidamaataa :)) that is also quite scary naa ;)))

  3. Scary indeed. A whole bunch of such stuff happens. I just resort to scaring the child against doing it.
    For instance, once, K was trying to get cozy with a pedestal fan that was in its swing mode. I just told her that if the fan sees Children meddling with it, it will just stand up and start following her. (like transformers). She stopped that moment onwards.
    Try telling Jillu that the gas stove will get very angry if babies touch it and start talking and say "Jillu.. unna saaptuduven.."(or something absurdly and decidedly silly like that and yet will scare the child :) )

  4. Oh God! I cant believe she did that! Naughty girl! So glad things r safe!

  5. Pretty scary! I think Jillu will understand if you explain to her about the dangers involved? Am amazed at her capacity to make a mental note of such operations and actually put them to use!

  6. scary, it is. Thank God she switched it off. Lavanya - tell her never to go near the stove, it is only for adults. I've told Pattu but still keep looking out...

  7. @AJCL : yep !!!! she can reach very easily :( inspite of the fact that I had the "moda" installed an inch higher than the std height!. Illainaa kooda, she has learnt the art of standing on her toes to reach up to things :(

    @Sat : really ? nijamaavaa solre?

    @L_R : when i tell her such things, she seems to intuitively know that I am bluffing her and say that "Illa/ Aggadhu. panaadhu" and all that stuff ! Still I am trying and this post was the first time incident

    @Swaram : yeah ! she's becoming quite a handful, that lady :( :)

    @Vidya : I explain to her so many times. Its just that she sees me doing these things on a day to day basis and does exactly as I do and hence thinks its pretty safe for her as well !

    @Uma : Yes, Uma. Now that I know she's up to such things, I am on the constant look out for her, esp when i am cooking! I have told her so many times ! in all possible ways !

  8. OMG....that is so scary. Do you think reading some book like Bubbles plays with Fire might help her get the message?

  9. @Jayashree : Books indeed ! I can try out this one. Never thought of it before :) The book you have mentioned is new to me, but i get the drift :) Thanks :)

  10. scary :( ... Kids these days can't keep still for a minute. :) but still I loved her antic :)

  11. @shilpa : Hello ! Welcome here :). so true and got to be behind them every minute as well :(


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