Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Messy Affair

Project : Eating On her own

Project Start Date : Late Feb 2010/ March beginning 2010

Status : In progress 

% Completion: 80% 

Implementation : 
Sits on the dining table itself and eats with her hands. Success rate is good so far. 90% of food goes in.

Post Implementation Steps:

1) A bath again ensures cleanliness
2) A mini bath for the care taker as well
3) A complete and thorough clean up the of mess (the surrounding area) 
4) If the mess is reasonable, then the washing is unaided - drags a chair near to the wash basin, climbs on it and washes hands.

Note : These take almost half the time of the project in itself !

Advantages : 
Good for the long run. 
On the way to being independent. 
Saves time
Intake is more
Good practice - will help when she goes to school

Disadvantages : 
See Post Implementation Steps

Pre requisites : Complete susu just before sitting down to eat

Assumptions : There is some one available to sit with her through out till she finishes. Better if that some one is also eating the same stuff.

Perceived Risk : 
The plate may just be toppled/inverted if not on watch

(A Small note : This risk has not materialized yet)


  1. Oh ho! She is on her way to becoming a big girl nw? Good that the risk just remains a perceived one as yet :P

  2. But ... I am sure it will be super duper fun to watch :)

  3. She eats on her own! even the non dry food?? if yes, I shall borrow her to train chotu please?

  4. PS: Lavs, u missing office by any chance??

  5. PMO pazhakkam vida mudila pola irukke..

  6. 90% success! Wow! Kudos to you!
    ROFL on the pre requisite - I totally agree! :D

  7. " Complete susu just before sitting down to eat" ROFL !!!

  8. @Swaram : yep ! becoming a big girl now in all aspects :(

    @Sat: ahaan. nee oru naalaikku volunteer panriyaa ? :)

    @AJCL : Yeah ! pappu mammam, thachi mammam and all that. Ironically, she loses interest fast with dry foods like chapathi and dosa :). Ippo yellaam "naan" mayam. So just when i wanted to start the training, she got into this phase :) Oh, you can borrow her all the way through! Missing office ? No way !

    @LR : thottil pazhakkam vidumaa? appappo konjam saayal therinju dhaane aagum?

    @Uma : Thank you Uma Aunty :)

    @Swetha : :) This is from bitter learning experience (s):(

  9. PMO nnu prove pannitte irukkeenga. Superb compilation. And really good one. Though messy, this is the right time to start, velai aana pothumnu i would feed P with stories and it continues till today. I regret now.
    And a big oooooooooo to jillu

  10. @CG : yeah ! it consumes a lot of time and energy on our part as well !. But when its over, its well worth the effort :)

    Thank you, CG Aunty - From Jillu

  11. So haven't lost touch with project mgmt after all! Good luck for continued execution:-)


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