Friday, March 12, 2010

Unique connection

Apple Tree - A Graphics image of apples falling from a tree. This is part of the introductory clipping in all the Rhymes series - "Apple Tree, Knowledge Series"

(A Random image. Imagine apples falling from this tree :) )

The connection :

Jillu loves the introductory clipping and thinks the " The Apple Tree, Knowledge Series" mini song itself is a rhyme and enjoys singing it!
When we were in the midst of a drawing session, she suddenly told me "Apple Tree paaru maa". There were no drawings of a tree and hence I was trying to co-relate. She then pointed to a letter "Y" in the drawing book. 

On closer look, Y does indeed look like the drawing of a tree .


  1. this is just the beginning.. poha poha she will start relating even remotely resembling stuff to things she has seen and the will be correct 10/10 times..way to go Jillu..

  2. Wow..And yes it does....cute jillu

  3. Kids always see the connections that our minds have forgotten about....and they are always right.

  4. @AJCL : yeah ! I remember chotu relating the nail cutter to letter V right?

    @CG : I noticed it only after she pointed it out !

    @Swetha : hahaha.. Thankyou Swetha Aunty :)

    @Jayashree : why didn't i think of these things when I was a kid ? Did you ? Or is that we dont remember ?

    @Swaram : Thank you Swaram Aunty :)


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