Sunday, January 3, 2010


First it was the Denials, then on to Counter arguments. Now the reasoning has started.

This morning's conversation with Appa is a clear indication of that.

After giving Jillu her milk, I was making coffee. She saw that and immediately went to her Appa, who was still not yet quite awake

Jillu :Appa, copi chaapadriyaa appaa ? (Appa, will you drink Coffee?)

Appa : Ok..nee kudu yenakku (Ok. Give me) 

Jillu : Amma kudupaa (Amma will give it to you) 

Appa : Nee poi kondu vaa (You bring the coffee to me) 

Jillu : Naa kondu vandhaa kottidum pa (If I bring, the coffee will spill)


  1. Sabhash Jillu, nee konduvandirunda, kotirkara chance adigam.. i totally love ur reasoning, way to go girl

  2. avlo theliva unga kitte velai'a delegate panni irukka ;)

  3. Thank you all for the lovely comments :)


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