Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

in the making ?

A couple of days back, Jillu was generally creating a ruckus in the morning when her dad was about to leave for office. So, to distract her and make her listen, I said "Appa kilambiyaachu. Office poyaachu". (Appa has left for work)

Jillu immediately did a cursory check in all directions to see if she could spot him from where she stood then and when she could not find him, immediately went to the hall, peeped out into the veranda, and said " Appa innum pogala. inga dhaan irukkaa". (He has not left. He is here!)

Any guesses? 

She had just checked for the presence of his slippers in the veranda.


  1. So adorably cute she is, Jillu.. and a SH to the very last detail indeed.. i did not quite guess she looked for the footwear.. great going..

  2. OMG! Awesome detective work there! WTG Jillu :)

  3. Hail detective!:-)

  4. @AJCL : Even I did not realize first. It took me a moment to sink in. But, when I asked her to explain, she could not.

    @Swaram : Thank you Swaram Aunty - Jillu

    @Vidya : :)


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