Friday, January 22, 2010

Hide & Seek

Would you like to play Hide & Seek with Jillu ? I will definitely guarantee a unique, fun filled and hilarious experience. But only if you play by her rules :)

Stage I :
You ask her to go and hide somewhere. She runs away and the moment you start saying "Jillu yenga kaanum" (Where is Jillu?), there she will come whooshing back to you in lightning speed and look at you so ecstatically and expectantly that you end up saying "Dho irukkaale" (Here she is!)

Stage II:
You tell her that you shouldn't come out of the hiding place and that she should be hiding till we come and find her. Then, you make someone else hide her. Then she is wise enough to say, "Kanna moodu" (Close your eyes). And if you just close your eyes, she says "Kaiyaala kanna moodu" (Cover your eyes with hands) and will point to a wall, so you got to cover your face with your hands against the wall and close your eyes while she hides. And then when you start searching for her, 5 seconds into the search, she will again be in front of you in a flash :). But mind you, you have got to say, "Dho irukaa daa"

Stage III:
The next stage is she will point to the place where she hid the last time and will tell you in all earnest "Ippo nee inga ozhinjukko nae. okvaa" (Now, you please hide here. Ok?) . And this will play in a loop

And the last one:

This is the latest. We both are on the bed playing, and she simply jumps up saying "naa inga ozhijukkaren" ( I am going to hide here) and goes behind the curtains right in front of my eyes without even asking me to close my eyes :)


  1. LOL!! Lav's arent u just super thrilled that u quit ur job so u can enjoy all of her antics at a much relaxed pace and also for longer??

    I so loved the way she says 'ozhinjiko' soooooooooo cute that was.. and i totally loved the rules of her game... its times like these that i wish kids retain their innocence for a while longer.. (moves me to tears really)

  2. Stage 3 and 4 r super cute .. and I wuddd love to go by her rules and play with her :)

  3. Hmm, quite similar to how a project manager plays in IT naa ??

    Stage 1 - He will ask u to go and hide in some project, and moment you want to come out, he will come right in front of you and you have to say "Vandhutaanyaa ... Vanthutaanyaaaa"

    Stage 2 - You will tell him that you dont want to go to that project and he is wise enuf to say "You are the most skillful person", moment you try going out, he will come in a flash and keep "Aappu in your appraisal"

    Stage 3 - He will point you to the same project from where you go released 1 month back and this goes in a loop

    Latest Trend - He will simply order, go to this project, without even asking you


  4. @AJCL : Oh, yes. I get to enjoy her at leisure and am thoroughly enjoying it. :)Want to sink into the innocence and enjoy it as long as it lasts. Hence not even correcting her these days :)

    @Swaram : Jillu would love to play with you too :)

    @Sat : LOL :) but nee yeppo ippidi aane ? yellaathukkum oru PM oda comparison ? paavam yaa yen ponnu. I think u need a break from work :)

  5. How very cute!!!! Reminds me of how Vyas used to play the game and I blogged about it. Varun enna pannuvano!

    The old post:

  6. @Vidya : Read your old post. How cute :) I really did burst out laughing :) Exactly same as what is Jillu doing right now :)

  7. lol @satish reply.nalla ponnu.last time ozhinja edatha


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