Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chone confusion

I am busy at the computer writing a blog post (not this particular post) which was supposed to have been published now had this not happened right now. 

My cell phone rings in the hall. I call out to my husband "Could you please pick it up" as he is near to the phone

"Better that you pick up as it will be for you anyways"

"Its very late. So it should be none other than your mom. Why don't you please pick it up and give it to me?"

"No. Its your MOM"

As soon as he said it, all of us were real confused and staring at each other coz my mom is sitting right here beside me.

And then the realization dawns !

Jillu is calling me from my mom's phone !!!


  1. Jillu calling her Mom from Mom's Mom's phone :P Awesome ;)

  2. chone confusion indeed .. cuteness cuteness

  3. @Swaram : it was indeed a "wow.." moment
    @AJCL : Somehow, with a series of buttons, she called me. And to further complicate matters, she had also dialled some unknown nos. My mom realised and cut the call. But the poor guy called back seeing the missed call

  4. ohh chotu has called 999 (emergency) thrice and we got calls from the Police all the three times, we were also given a warning not to let kids play with the phone..LOL!!

  5. 999 thrice ? Oh My GOD ! :) That is indeed worse than our situation here :)


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