Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Day of many firsts !

Yesterday was a day of many firsts. 

Jillu has been sick for the past week and she is on the slow recovery now. Yesterday morning saw her waking up bright and cheery and I was so relieved to see that. Not sure if it was a co-incidence or just that a case of her wanting to release all the piled-up energy, but yesterday saw her do many things (mischief /naughtiness or rather "paduthals" :) ). Usually it comes in small doses at a single time and she can be controlled. But not so yday. Everything that could happen, happened yday.

Morning Dosage
I was inside in the kitchen and suddenly I heard my husband shout my name. I jumped. He shouted "Jillu has gone downstairs. Run".She had walked out of the flat, went down the stairs and near to the apartment gate all alone while both of us were not watching. Thank god for the watchman at the gate , if not, she would have run to the road. The irony is that this happened only because our door was open as Jillu's dad was standing right there near the door, talking on the phone and giving directions to our home for a visiting guest(its always closed to avoid exactly what happened yday). She had run while his back was turned and he saw her only when she waved "taataa" to him coolly from the car park.

she did everything that is doable in a span of 30 minutes that I did not know where to start and what to dicipline her for. At the end of the span, packaged provisions from the kitchen were under the cot in the bedroom, her dad's cellphone lay on the floor split into two parts  (snatched away from his hand and thrown deliberately on the floor-she had stopped doing this some time back). Trying every few seconds to switch off the UPS and the PC. Need I go on ?

Dinner time
She literally tricked me. She had a few mouthfuls and I think had decided she did not want it. She insisted on me giving the bowl to her so that she could have it herself. She normally manages a couple of mouthfuls herself. So, a gullible fool that I was(yes, I deserve the title because I should have known better from the day's event till then ), I gave it to her not judging her mood and not anticipating what was coming. Once she had the bowl, she simply with no hesitation just inverted the bowl and all of her dinner was on the floor.


  1. OMG! She proved to be more than a handful eh? She even waved to her Dad from the car park :P

  2. hooo, it looks like we need extra dosage of patience to deal with kids and knowing you, I am sure you must be having that in abundance. Hope she recovers soon and get 100% fit and you write a post which is even more bigger than this :)))

    Ellaam engalukku oru entertainment thaan ;))

  3. actually Lavs,all of her antics were cute, except the first one which was a tad dangerous.. all they need is a second.. phew..
    but its so much better to see her this way than the quiet withdrawn Jillu she becomes when she is sick..

  4. @Swaram : Oh, yes. The most difficult day :)

    @soin : kowkardhu yendha naatileyum chamathu illaiye, soin

    @Swetha : Oh, yes you are right :)

    @Sat : thank you :) so idhu oru entertainment blog a ?

    @AJCL : cute a ? ahaa... trust u to say that..Yes, its much better this way if they are healthy, ofcourse. but then andha samayathula you are like, you donno what to do and wonder what you have got yourself into :)

  5. Morning dosage - rombavum scary. Bt she would listen once u educate her , i suppose ;)
    Afternoon dosage and Evening one - hahahahaha
    LOL Iam enjoying imagining those things....
    How smart you see, to invert the bowl. I think u wouldnt have the patience to again go and get another bowl or cannot insist on eating the spilled ones... i think u would have settled with a glass of milk...
    Tooo clever....

  6. Ummm.... Enjoy! She is growing up:-) This is just the beginning... Hope to have scared you:-)

  7. @CG : Oh, no. I don't leave it at that. I changed her dinner menu and gave her some thing else.She doesn't get off that easily. :).

    @Vidhya : Oh, yeah, her running away like that was scary indeed

  8. OMG....the first one is so scary....Hope there's never a repeat of that.


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