Friday, January 8, 2010

Old habits still in the fray

Have you ever seen a 2 yr old who can run at the speed of light, so to speak, crawling ? Yes. Jillu still does that and it is sooooooooo cute. She crawls whenever it takes her fancy and is so fast at it as well :). Just try running behind her then, she beats us easily. My MIL jokes that she will win first in the frog race when she goes to school. 
Sometimes, she comes at you crawling fast saying "Annna varudhu" (Here comes the elephant) and at all these times, I still get to enjoy the "baby" moments :)


  1. its so nice na, when they still do baby stuff (i mean they are still babies only).. its just that they grow so much in the first 2- 3 years that its difficult to retain in our memories.. and every now and then when they give a lil glimpse into the 'past' its so heartening.. lovely lovely post Lavs, enjoy!!! and hugs to Jillu paapa

  2. Oh that sounds so so cute :) Hugs to Jillu :)

  3. @AJCL : Oh, yes ! the time so passes by that you sometimes yearn for the baby moments and things like this feel so good to the heart. Will definitely pass on your hugs :)

    @Swaram : Will definitely pass on your hugs :)

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  5. mm... i wouldn't know about it. we are royals in our family. Don't know what it is to crawl. we sit and start walking straight !
    We only make the lowly mortals crawl before us.. am referring to my parents!

    (8 months old)

  6. wow N !!! :) are you talking about yrself or yr big Sis K ? Aren't you crawling now ?

  7. No crawling in the family! only sitting, standing, walking. My father didn't my sister didn't and I don't! At best I turn over on my belly and stare at things.. no crawling :D


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