Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rhymes Combo

This combo is little Jillu's creation. Nowadays she keeps singing aloud just like that and this rhyme is something that came up new. She looked to be making up then and there while she was singing with no pause and with such ease....

"Menmaiyaaana dosai...
kutttty, kutty dosai...
Father had a dosai.."

Any guesses on the original rhymes  ? Its pretty simple :)

Update :
Answer to the riddle : The 2 rhymes that Jillu combined on the fly are these :
1)Dosaiamma Dosai
2) Inky Pinky Ponkey

Chennai Girl and lifeunderthesky: Congrats on getting it right.  
Chennai Girl was the first to get it right. 
Jillu conveys her sincere and heartfelt thanks to all for playing the guessing game :)


  1. lol!! i love this phase.. they just keep getting better n better..
    is the rhyme 'chinna chinna dosai thaan, tinna tinna aasai thaan'? i may be way off mark..

  2. @AJCL : LOL :).. no guess on the other rhymes? this is a combnation of rhymes..

  3. Aww that is so so sweet .. what is Menmaiyaaana?

  4. was Ps first tamil rhyme..
    Dosaiamma dosai thaane....c i guessed it rite..
    Why only father comes first?!!!

  5. @All : what she sang is a combination of 2 have to guess both :)

    @ Swaram : "Menmaiyaana" means soft Dosai

    @chennai girl : welcome here :).. as i said, this rhyme is a combination of 2 rhymes and if you think abt it, you will know why father came first :)

  6. hmm,ippaiyanum correct ah paarunga..
    inky pinky and ponkey - dosaiamma dosai (sorry enakku therinja dosai rhyme athu mattum thaan)

  7. I think chennai girl got it right- inky pinky and dosai amma dosai? ippove remix-a?!!:-)

  8. @chennaigirl : Oh, yes you got it right :) Bingo :)

    @Vidya : Yep.You are right as well. Idhu remix kum mela :). She mixing 2 entirely different songs from diff languages :)


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