Saturday, September 5, 2009


People, who have read this post, will know about Jillu's familiarity with Krishna and his anecdotes. Needless to say that her knowledge on Krishna has improved very much since the post and everyday she learns new things about him. The list could become a separate post on its own :)

She learnt some time back about the story of Yashoda devi seeing the world, earth and the universe inside Krishna's mouth. This was quite some time back and she often recites this along with others things that Krishna did during her "Kichna yenna pannaa? " bout.

But yesterday, suddenly, the routine changed. When I was putting her to sleep for her afternoon nap, she started talking usual stuff about Krishna and then came to this point

Jillu : Kichna vera yenna pannaa? Bhoomi kaamichaa (What else did Krishna do? He showed the earth )
Me : Yes, da chellamaa
Jillu : Amma, nee vai kaami (Amma, you show your mouth)
Me : Kichna vaai kulla dhaan bhoomi theriyum,Kannaa. Ammaa vaai kulla theriyaadhu (You can see the earth only in Krishna’s mouth, not inside mine)
Jillu : Book la padichen (I read it in the book)
Me : Yes da kanna. Book la Krishna dhaan kaamichaa (Yes, In the book, Krishna only opened his mouth to show the earth)
Jillu : Amma, nee vai kaami (Amma, you show your mouth)
Me : Said the same dialogues and then showed her anyways

{{Silence for some time and then again !}}

Jillu : Amma, nee Bhoomi kaami (Amma, you show the earth. Says this while trying to open my mouth simultaneously)
Me : (?????? where will I go for bhoomi now?) Jillu, Krishna dhaan bhoomi kaamippaa. Naan Krishna illai. Naan Jillu amma. Ammaa vaai kulla bhoomi irukkadhu.. (Jillu, I am not Krishna, I am Jillu’s Mom)
Jillu : Amma, nee Bhoomi kaami
Me : Showing her again, "paaru, bhoomi illa la? ok?" (See, you cannot see any earth. Right ?)
Jillu : Irukku (It is there)
Me : ???????????

Wonder what will happen if everyone starts seeing the bhoomi in everyone's mouth. hahaha


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