Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alien Chauffeur

Today, we (my mom, Jillu and I ) went to some of my relatives place for Golu. Since my husband had to go to office and I don't drive, I had hired a driver for the day and covered quite a few places.

Jillu felt it so odd that her dad was not driving that in the first leg, she asked "Idhu yaaru?" (Who's this?) pointing the driver :). I explained to her that uncle was driving the car as Appa had to go to office. But then, every now and then, she kept saying "Appaa ottuvaale " (Dad will drive na) along with the action of turning the steering wheel. She was so used to her dad driving the car that she found it difficult to understand or adjust to the fact that some one else was driving, i guess. We were all totally amused today as this was repeated for every leg of the journey.

Life is never dull with kids around :)


  1. hmmm.. i jus hope tht she learns to adjust in the future.. illana indha ulagathula vazhmudiyadhu..

  2. @Vishnu : Kids do adjust in due time. Its just that she's never seen anyone else drive and she has mapped the role to her dad :)


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