Saturday, September 12, 2009

Krishna Vijayam

Its our day for celebrating Lord Krishna today and here we all are awaiting our own little Krishna

Here she comes

There she is

already enjoying the "appichi" that granny has made

Our little Krishna enjoying the feast

How can it be complete without the below one?

Ofcourse, its Krishna relishing the butter :)


Making of Krishna : I had not planned well and this kutti Krishna was made up within 10 minutes. All it took was 1 Duppataa for PanjaKacham, 1 pearl necklace, 1 rubber band for kudumi, white and red bindhi and there is a Krishna though sans peacock feather :(


  1. krishna vukku make up seri illayai.. n thank goodness u had black tiles..

  2. :) Kirshna ku make up nallaa irundhudhu.. anaa, adhai vechukka pidikalai krishna kku :)
    and naanga tiles colour kellaam anja maatom. white colour naalum, kaal poduvom. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. kaal pota theriyanum la.. tht was the prob..


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