Friday, July 31, 2009

Kichna Yenna Pan?

After Jillu, Amma, Appa, thaathaa, paati, now its "Kichna yenna pan?"

Jillu : Amma, Amma.. Amma,
me : Yennadaa Kannammaa?

Jillu : Kichna yenna pannaa?
me : nee sollu, krishna yenna pannaar?
Jillu : venna chaaptaa
me : Vennai saaptaaraa? apram yenna pannaar, krishna?

Jillu : kaila vechundaa (showing her right palm upwards)
me : Krishna kalia yenna vechindu irundhaar?
Jillu : mmm..m.....Nila
me : Nila Vechindu irundhaara? apram nila va yenna pannar?
Jillu: Melendhu vandhu..
me : Nila melendhu vandhudhaa? ok...Krishna nila va yenna pannar?
Jillu : Dhoppu pottaa.....
me : Krishna nila va yenge vittar?
Jillu: << answer>>
me: Kirshna nila va thamarai thannila vittaar
Jillu : thamar thannila
me: ammam...apram nila mele poyiduthu...
Jillu : mele pochu...

Jillu : Amma, Amma, Kichna yenna panna?
me : nee sollu, krishna yenna pannar?

here we go again.....

Dialogue of the day the whole of yesterday and this morning too.....repeated the same way word by word every time....

After watching the Krishna serial telecast in Vijay tv yesterday..


  1. You know what ? Till that word Krishna was there, I initially thot that this blog is all about "Kichana Enna panna" - Kitchen La enna Pannara ?? ;-)))

  2. LOL:). I didn't think that it would be read as kitchen, but i put in the word Krishna for good measure.

  3. I cant beliv she is following stories already.. i mean watching is one thing, recounting it with you is cool!! :) Way to go Saathvi!!

  4. lol even i thought its about kitchen..


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