Wednesday, September 30, 2009

At a Loss for Words !

Who is at a loss for words? The obvious answer, which is Jillu, is not the correct one.

It is we, who interact with Jillu, are at a loss for words these days. For, she knows what we are about to say for any situation or scenario and says the exactly same thing before we even think of our response.

Like,when sees me taking my hand bag in the morning before leaving for office, she immediately says "Bye da Kannaa". The other one is when she is about to be given milk, she preempts me by saying "Go. Fetch your sipper, go". Another eg:  is when she found her play thing (which was lost earlier) and showed it to her dad and before he could say anything, she said " Oh, you have found it ". Another one is when I am feeding her food and she gets distracted and asks for something else,she immediately looks at me and says "Only if you eat food"

The list could go on and on and on and this post will become boring and too lengthy as well if I list all. So I, stop here, albeit reluctantly, though my hands itch to list more


  1. lol.. have u heard of sumthing known as extra sensory perception(ESP)..this is what that is.. predicting the future..

  2. @Vishnu : I wouldn't go as far as ESP :). Its just she has phenomenal memory power and once she hears us saying something, she repeats the same in the right context the next time. That is the whole beauty actually. Not repeating immediately, but storing it and applying it in the right context the next time. I am simply amazed by this!


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