Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some really are, while some may not be

milestones ! But here is the list of things that Jillu does as of date today which are worth recording.

1) She knows when she has done something wrong and says "Chorry, Inime panna maatten"(Sorry, I won’t do it again). But it has to be noted here that "I won’t do it again" part does not work very well. It may happen the next second. But more significant at this moment is that she says it

2) Can remove her under garment on her own with no help

3) 65% Potty trained - remaining 35% due to not complete bladder control. I think she's too young for that

4) Started walking backwards

5) Identify known people in photos

6) Loves to read books. Has a dozen or more so books.

7) Knows 7 days of the week

8) Knows most of the English and Tamil rhymes that we have taught her by heart

9) Says Gymnastics. Getting closer to Czechoslovakia :)

10) Says please and Thank you


  1. lol @ 3.. thats a great improvement for a 2 yr old.. romba nalla amma neenga..

  2. hahaha :) Thanks for the sweet compliment, Vishnu. This goes for my MOM and MIL as well who co-operate with my efforts. However, there are a lot more things that I could be doing for her, but currently not happening. Thanks for the morale booster anyways. Who wouldn't love this compliment


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