Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yesterday's scare !!!

Jillu gave us (at least me for sure) a scare yesterday morning!!!

One second she was standing on the cot holding my mom and the next second she was on the floor crying like hell. In a split of the second, before we could realize what was happening she had fallen down from the cot.

She was in my arms and I was consoling her and it took me more than 10 seconds or so before I saw the big bonda /bulge on her forehead. It looked worse than it actually was, but at that time it was very scary. I massaged that area on and off and gradually it reduced.

I was scared more because she never cries when she gets hurt. She will just get up if she falls or gets hurt and carry on as though nothing happened. But yesterday, it seemed forever before the crying stooped and even then the sobbing continued. So, because she was crying so hard yesterday, my anxiety increased.

So just to pep her up, I said "Appa unna round kootindu povaa" (Appa will take you out for a round) and that is all it took to distract her and cheer her up :). But then she again started crying and I said “Round pogum bodhu azhuvaalaa? Jolly yaa ponum “ (You shouldn’t be crying while going out. You should be jolly while going out). She then caught on to the word “Jolly” and kept repeating “Jolly yaa ponum”

However much we keep an eye on kids, it is so hard to prevent them from getting hurt. We are somehow able to manage if we are ill or hurt but it so difficult and scary when our kids get hurt or fall ill.

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  1. yen akka freeya vituta.. her kid will fall here and there... it likes falling.. will cry if someone sees.. otherwise carrys on..


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