Saturday, September 26, 2009

Perception of taataa

Dressing up a about to be 21 months old, very active toddler always takes some time. And it takes all the more time to dress up for the Golu visits. Cute Paavadai, bangles, necklace, etc. (Bangles is the easy one as she likes wearing them)
So to speed up the process, we enticed her saying "We are going Tataa. Get ready fast. etc" along those lines little knowing the trouble it would get us into.
The first day, the moment we entered the first house on agenda, we heard a huge wail. It took some time to console her and distracted her by showing all the Golu Bommai (Dolls). This was repeated at the next house again. I assumed that she was crying due to stranger anxiety plus the lack of the usual afternoon sleep. However, the next time when the same thing happened, I asked her "Why are you crying?"

Immediately came the reply "Taataa Ponum " (I want to go Taataa)

Oh, realization dawns! Visiting other's houses apparently is not Jillu's idea of Taataa. Taataa is beach, Park, malls, etc


  1. lol.. wen u jus say tata n take her to the beach she will obviously think tht beach is tata.. so unga mistake dan.. so did u take her to the beach or park later after all the golu visits..

  2. @Vishnu : Yeah, hindsight is always better :). The real taataa is being planned for tomorrow, Sunday. :)


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