Monday, August 31, 2009

Story Telling

Jillu narrates the story on her own... Read on...

Jillu : Bruno paakanum... Bruno yenna panradhu.... (I want to see Bruno. What is Bruno doing?)

and then she fetches the book

Jillu : Bruno yenna panradhu, Kick the ball panradhu. (What is Bruno doing? Bruno does Kick the ball)

Story line : After this, Bernie comes along and asks to play with the ball and Bruno refuses to share the ball. So Bernie finds other friends and plays hide & seek with them.

Jillu : Inga yenna panraa.. Ducky kutti marathukku pinnaadi ozhinjindu irukku....paapaa kaanum panradhu... (What is everyone doing here? Ducky is hiding behind the tree. Its doing Peekaboo!)

Story line: Then, Bruno sees them playing and wants to join the fun !!!

Jillu : Bruno Chorry kaekardhu...(Bruno is saying Sorry !)

Jillu : apram yellaarum Kick the ball panraa... (Then everyone is playing Kick the ball)

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