Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trip to Crossword

Day before yesterday, Jillu & I had a whale of a time. It was her first time to a shopping complex (though this was not the stereo typed big complex).

We had been to Crossword in Venkat Narayana road, Chennai

Idhu paakalaamaa?

My dad dropped us and went on some errands. I took her to Crossword and guided her her to the Toddlers books section. She was so exited to see so many books there. I took one and started pointing out pictures to her and she quickly and correctly named all the objects/animals/all that she knew. She took each book from the shelf saying "Idhu paakalaamaa?” (Can we see this?) , then the next book saying “Idhu paakalaamaa?” again and it continued :)


She found a book made of cloth which had a small teddy hanging by the corner. She loved it and kept repeating "teddy", "teddy". Of course, all who had come to the store had to be informed that it was a teddy. It was so cute, she showing the teddy to any one who passed and telling them “teddy, teddy"

Inga ukkachiko

Once she had got hold of the teddy, it was difficult to divert her attention to anything else. Then, my dad arrived and he also joined the fun! She wanted my dad to sit only in one particular sofa amongst many that lay there. I kept hearing "Inga ukkachiko " (Sit here) , "Inga ukkachiko" while I was choosing a couple of books for her

Naan pannanum

Then it was time to leave and we had to climb the stairs down (crosswords is in 1st floor). My dad was carrying her and when we reached the steps, she immediately said "Naan pannanum, naan, nee, naan,nee,nee, naan". (She wanted to climb down herself. She is confused between nee/naan right now)

Pudhu dress venumaa

Once you go down, you have to pass through Mother's Care outlet for the exit. Of course, she was fascinated by all the stuff in there and we had to take a diversion for window shopping inside. She looked at the rows and rows of baby clothes hanging there. She went to dress section, touched the delicate and soft tops and said "Pudhu dress venumaa " (she says venumaa for venum). This was repeated for each section. I told her, "இந்த ரேட் ல போனா நான் போண்டி தான் ஆகணும் " (“I would be bankrupt if you continue in the same vain")

Vaatis, Vaatis

Next came the dolls section. She pointed to something and said "vaatis, vaatis". She was pointing to dolls made out of cloth, but I still could not understand what she was saying. She kept repeating it and then after a while I understood. She was asking in english "What is ?" (ie what is this ?). To say, I was really amazed is an understatement

And then every doll and toy had to be explained. For each section "idhu yenna? ", then "idhu?”, then "idhu?" and so on and so forth.

She was running from one end to the other, exploring everything totally amazed by all. It was such fun watching her yesterday that I want to repeat the whole thing again


  1. Well, this is the time where the brain of the kid uses 3 Neurons out of the zillion neurons we have in us, and we grown up adults use just 1 (I dont use that either) and the max number of neurons used by an adult was 8 and that is by Einsten, so just answer anything she asks and dont ever say "I DONT KNOW". Chinna vayasula nee padichiyo illayo enakku teriyaadhu, so inimelaavadhu padi pa ;-)))

  2. Hey kalakkara kutti thangam!! Way to go Saathvi!! 18 months kke indha range nna, Lavanya you guys have to brush up your knowledge base pretty soon...

  3. Satish, Priya : LOL :) Yeah..looks like I have to start equipping myself in all areas now:). One will never in which subject the question will fall under :)


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