Thursday, July 16, 2009

Story of an umbrella

Story of an Umbrella being Used & Abused

Scene 1:

Jillu is holding an umbrella in her hand by the handle -similar to the way batsmen hold their bat before facing a ball and sweeping the other side onto the floor this way & that way

And says "Thodachu Thodachu...." (ie scrubbing the floor)

another use of umbrella discovered! Now, i know why she took it out of the cupboard!

Scene 2:

The poor umbrella after being used as a scrubber is now being abused under Jillu's feet

Jillu : kudai, kudai..(Umbrella)

Me : Nee yenna panre kudaiya ? (what are you doing with the umbrella?)

Jillu : Medhikaren...(am stamping it) and reinforces it by doing it again

Me : Medhikkalaamaa kudaiya? (are you supposed to stamp it?)

Jillu : medhikka koodadhu (not supposed to stamp it)

Following that she removes her foot from the umbrella

Me : Good girl !
and I turn away feeling thrilled "Good Progress! She listens to reason and realizes the do 's and the don't s".

The very next second, I hear her dad laughing, and

I turn back to see the umbrella being abused again.


  1. Lot of grown up's are not able to listen and reason out lots of things, so your expectations are way too high :)

  2. Now u shud be thrilled even more bcoz she knows to act accoriding to the situation

  3. Satish, Swetha : Both of you are so right :)

    Satish : Yeah, I guess it is me who has to get used to such things for now.

    Swetha : I had not looked at it from this angle :)

  4. LOL ..multi-purpose umbrella :P


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