Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peeping Tom? Not Really..

I will have to do a better job of teaching Jillu of what is meant by Peeping Tom or rather "Yetti Paakardhu"

We, Jillu & I love sitting in our balcony. When I was searching for inspiration for novel ideas for making Jillu sit in her potty, the balcony came to my aid.

Balcony is the place from where

  • -We watch squirrels running up & down the trees, walls of the opposite flat (It is to be noted that their terrace overlooks our balcony and anyone standing there cannot help but look in our direction)
  • -We watch the moon at night and sing "Nila Nila Odi Vaa"
  • -We enjoy a good breeze and say "Jammunu Kaathu Varudhu"
  • -Amma makes aero planes out of clips and simulates landing and take-offs

So what better place did I need to potty train her? And hence, thus it is that Jillu is 60% potty trained as of today.

Now that the background is set, getting back to the topic: Jillu has this uncanny habit of listening to us speak, pick up the words and use it in appropriate circumstances on her own. Till now, this has been fine with us :) and we did not have any problems. Until this happened...

Some days back, when we were going about our business in the balcony, Jillu suddenly pointed to the terrace of the opposite flat and said "Yetti Paakaraa"
No doubt, I was taken aback because
1) I didn't expect Jillu to know such words, let alone understand and use them
2) To my knowledge, that portion of the terrace was not much used and I had not seen anyone in the terrace till date (which is precisely why I did not mind spending so much time there)

However, when I followed her direction, I saw a young lady watering some plants in the terrace. In the moment that she had glanced in our direction, our chutti ponnu says "Yetti Paakaraa". Fortunately, I don’t think she heard what Jillu said. However, I had to shush Jillu and explain to her that this was not indeed "Yetti Paakardhu".

We play hide & seek with her and sometimes when she peeps out from behind a chair or a door, we used to say "Yetti paakaraa daa ivo". I think she has caught the term from there and used it here.

The incident happened again one more time (but this time, no one even glanced at Jillu), however with the same results :)

Not sure if my explanation has got through to her. Only time will tell!

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