Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Murphy's law for kids

Inspired by Satish's post on Murphy's law for IT , here is Murphy's law for kids.

The below are from my own experience

1) The susu will happen immediately after donning fresh under wear

2) Only stuff which ought not to will end up in the baby's mouth

3) The baby will start crying just as soon as you sit down to have your food

4) Invariably, they wake up early on weekends depriving you of your extra few hours of sleep, while sleep on & on on weekdays making you/them late for work/school

5) They will need diaper change / want to go potty only when you are traveling

6) They will be hale & healthy all through and will fall sick only when we have some important meeting or an otherwise important engagement

7) The toy which till now lay neglected suddenly gains all importance when some other kid tries to touch it

8) They will always end up doing the very opposite thing that you want them to do

9) The more time you spend on preparing delicious food, the less they like it

10) Kids don't misquote us. They repeat word by word that we should not have uttered in the first place.

Do you have more to add? Please proceed.. :)


  1. Well, experience speaks and I simply enjoyed these facts :)

  2. Lol.. Very true.. And like Sathish above.. Exp speaks... :)

  3. neenga sona sari thaan..and they will quote you in really akward situations.. like you say something bad about your mim or something.. when she comes and you lie the kid will correct you..


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