Thursday, July 16, 2009

Running Commentary

Scene: When some one is eating food
Commentary : amma mammam (or) appa mammam (or) paati mammam as the case may be

Scene: When we reach home from office

Commentary : amma vandaach (or) appa vandaach (or) thaathaa vandaach as the case may be
Yesterday, there was an addition to this. "Vaa thaathaa vaa" Specially for thaathaa. She had not seen him for 2 days now

Scene: When her sipper is being washed before giving her something to drink
Commentary : ambi ambi ambbbiiiii..(Alambi, Alambi , Alambi)

Scene: When her milk is too hot and I try to cool it
Commentary : pal aaathi, pal aathi, pal aathi

Scene: When she plucks my dad's spectacles from his nose
Commentary : haaaaaiiiiiii, jillu yethutaale..( My dad said hey, jillu yeduthutaale, the first time she did it..and from then on it has been repeated countless times and for taking other stuff as well like bottle, pen etc etc and not just spectacles)

Scene: When her dad goes into the bathroom with clothes in hand
Commentary : appa Jo.

Scene: When her dad is driving the car
Commentary : appa car oootti.

Scene: When I comb my hair
Commentary : amma thala vaaari

Scene: When I accidentally drop something
Commentary : dhoppu pottaa , ammaa

Scene: When she is in a precarious state and the chances of her falling is high
Commentary : dhop uzha poren....

Scene: When someone eats a cake (or if we are just bored and donno want to do!)
Commentary : sing "Haapppy birthday to you Ishu" (Isha being her close friend right now)


  1. Awww.. Reminds me of my own childhood where every word I uttered used to be recorded and played over and over again.. :)
    Mazhalai is the best!

  2. apidiye solrathu yellam record paani podungo..

  3. dhop uzha poren is the cutest :)
    What alambi btw?

  4. @Swaram : "Alambi " means washing :)...


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