Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reading my mind

Some time back, when her dad was busy, Jillu wanted to go to her dad. I told her that dad was busy and that she should not be disturbing him.

A couple of days later, when my mom was here, she was applying some cream and ointments onto her hand. Jillu was sitting in my lap and avidly watching the process! After a couple of minutes, she tried to move away from me and reach out to my mom.

I started saying "Patti yah..." and Jillu looked at me and completed the sentence

"Disturb panna koodadh" !!!

I didn't know which to marvel at more :

The fact that she remembered the word "disturb" and applied it in this context correctly
That she read my mind and completed the sentence in the exact way I was planning to say it.


  1. Hey chance a illa!! kalakkara Saathvika... you know what from my experience, our daughters wud guess what we are thinking everytime but we can never try to doubleguess them! :)

  2. Till now, I have been able to guess her immediate next actions. But I have not been able to guess what she would say next. I think the reason for both can be attributed to her age right now. I have to wait till she grows up a little bit more to experience what you say :).

  3. naariya vaati solripinga..analum we wont remember and they will..


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