Saturday, July 11, 2009



Yes, Huggiee is a new word in all our dictionary now. Thanks to my very dear friend Mathangi :)

So, what do you do when she says Hugggiieeeee

You pick her up in your arms
She loops her arms around your neck
She leans her head close to your face
You rub your cheeks against hers
You hold her tight
You rock back and forth and say



  1. I never know that you have a blog ... !!!

    This post was soooooooo chweeettttt. Kutties ellaam ippo evalo smart ... nambalum irundhome :( oru mannum teriyaama ... :)

  2. Satish, Just started blogging a month back. Inspired by my daughter. Wanted to record her chutti thanam as & when it happens. We can never remember all
    Yes, the kutties are so smart these days. They keep amazing us!!!

  3. yoohoo! my name's in some blog thanks to the sweety pie!
    give her a "e" huggie for now, until i meet her the next time!

  4. Thanks, Swetha :) yes. Very cute indeed

    Hey, maths have given her your e-huggie :) Every time she asks for a huggie, we think of you :)

  5. Really smart.. Ivaalo therinjurukka?? Paravalliyee..


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