Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chone Surprise!!!

I am busy @work and suddenly I receive a call from my mom.

I call her back and what a wonderful surprsie! My little girl wants to talk to me and tell me something ! Her very first call to me :).

After prompting from my mom, the sweet மழலை voice said

"Ilanir saaptaachu"
"Mammam saaptaachu"

When i spoke to Mom, I learned the details. She had told my mom when she was eating that she wanted to call me. My mom had told her that we (they ) can call mom (me) after she finishes her meal. And I believe she said "Chone , Chone" (phone btw) promptly after completing her meal and pronto they called :)

For a toddler who does not wish to speak on the chone , this was indeed a big step and I consider it a previlege or a reward :). The only thing left now is for her to dial the number herself :) but I will have to wait for some more time for that to happen.


  1. Dont think like that,if she can do this,she'll do that also fast.These days kids learn new things fast!

  2. Yes, Radhika. What u say is very true!!! :) I think most of the times, we end up catching up with them


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